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BeitragVerfasst: 25.04.2017, 23:30 
Mill overseer & Head of the Berlin Station

Registriert: 30.08.2011, 10:28
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Wohnort: Richard's Kingdom of Dreams
#LLLPlay ist als 'Oustanding new Off-Broadway Play' vom Outer Critics Circle nominiert. :congrats:



Congratulations to our artists on receiving 8 #OuterCriticsCircle nominations!
Outstanding New Broadway Musical: #HolidayInnMusical
Outstanding New Off-Broadway Play: #IfIForget
Outstanding New Off-Broadway Play: #LLLPlay
Outstanding Revival of a Play (Broadway or Off-Broadway): #ThePriceBway
Outstanding Choreographer: Denis Jones, #HolidayInnMusical
Outstanding Orchestrations: Larry Blank, #HolidayInnMusical
Outstanding Featured Actor in a Play: Danny DeVito, #ThePriceBway
Outstanding Solo Performance: Marin Ireland, #OnTheExhale Photos by Joan Marcus.




Danke, liebe Boardengel, für Eure privaten Schnappschüsse. :kuss:

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Verfasst: 25.04.2017, 23:30 

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Macavity's mischievous mistress

Registriert: 29.03.2012, 22:46
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Amy Ryan hat für ihre Darstellung der Sandra gestern den Obie-Award 2017, eine reine Off-Broadway-Trophäe, gewonnen.

https://twitter.com/obieawards/status/8 ... 9077890048

Amy Ryan: #AmyRyan receives an #Obies Performance award for Love, Love, Love @RTC_NYC #LauraPels


Herzlichen Glückwunsch! :congrats:


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BeitragVerfasst: 01.12.2017, 00:37 
Mill overseer & Head of the Berlin Station

Registriert: 30.08.2011, 10:28
Beiträge: 27797
Wohnort: Richard's Kingdom of Dreams
Kurzerwähnung von LLL in NY anlässlich der Aufführung des Stücks in Pittsburgh:

Stage preview: 'Love, Love, Love' dives into the generation gap between boomers and their children

5:32 AM
Nov 30, 2017

Kinetic Theatre’s latest production debunks the notion that “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” In the case of “Love, Love, Love,” what happened in Vegas is about to happen in Pittsburgh.

Andrew Paul directed Mike Bartlett’s play at Cockroach Theatre’s intimate Art Square black box in Downtown Vegas from Nov. 4-19. When “Love, Love, Love” opens at Pittsburgh Playwrights Theatre Nov. 30, the only change will be one of the four cast members.

The intention initially had been to start in Pittsburgh.

“I wanted to use these two actors I knew from here and who I knew had really good chemistry,” Mr. Paul said.

“Here” is Las Vegas, where he and his family moved not long before he was ousted from Pittsburgh Irish & Classical Theatre in 2013. He then created Kinetic Theatre as a vehicle to maintain his Pittsburgh audience through three productions a season, while directing in venues out west.

For “Love, Love, Love,” he brings Mindy Woodhead and Darren Weller to star as British baby boomers Kenneth and Sandra — “soulmates in selfishness,” Ben Brantley called the characters in his New York Times review.

Ms. Woodhead accompanied Mr. Paul to Pittsburgh last year to play the preacher’s wife in Kinetic’s “The Christians,” while Mr. Weller, the associate artistic director of Cockroach Theatre, is an Aussie native making his Pittsburgh debut. Vegas-based Aviana Glover plays the couple’s unhappy daughter, Rose, and Carnegie Mellon alum and Pittsburgher Ethan Saks is the newcomer to the cast, in dual roles.

“It became more complicated when Cockroach Theatre wanted to do it first, but it ended it up working out fine,” Mr. Paul said. “Actually, Pittsburgh benefits, because we ended up with what was basically an out-of-town tryout.”

The director’s affinity for the works of playwright Bartlett, a Tony nominee for “King Charles III,” was on display in a fine production of “Cock” last season. That play was about a love triangle created when a man with a long-term boyfriend has an affair with a woman.

When Mr. Paul took in the off-Broadway production of “Love, Love, Love” last year, he immediately set about getting the rights for this regional premiere.

“None of his plays, I feel, are similar to the others,” Mr. Paul said of the playwright’s works. “ ‘Love, Love, Love’ and ‘King Charles III’ and ‘Cock,’ you would not believe the same mind hatched all three of those plays, because they are each so ingenious in terms of their conception.”

What ties them together and makes the universal, despite a Brit-centric point of view, is “a keen eye to expose society in a particular way, without being judgmental.”

The darkly humorous “Love, Love, Love” paints a satirical portrait of self-absorbed baby boomers who become a couple in 1967, at the height of the Summer of Love. Next we find Kenneth and Sandra in their 40s, in positions of responsibility and as the married parents of two teenagers. Fast forward to the present day, and they are divorced and facing the consequences of adult children who are aimless and accusatory.

Mr. Paul noted that the playwright often explores generational differences in his work, “but in this play, that’s really front and center. … The central question is, to what extent are our children victims of their upbringing versus societal and generational influences?”

The playwright set out to write about how technological advances since the baby boom have created generational rifts, and that scenario is explored in the character of the couple’s son Jamie (Mr. Saks), who appears to be addicted to his devices.

What emerged, however, is a play about how the “free love” generation “suddenly became these responsible people-raising kids in suburbia, and many were in positions where they could retire early and with some money, and then the effect of that on their kids.”

Writing about the play for The Telegraph of London in 2012, critic Charles Spencer called “Love, Love, Love” Mr. Bartlett’s “best work to date, with deeper characterisation, more personal themes, and scenes of extraordinary intensity and emotional truth shot through with dark humor.”

When the play reached off-Broadway last year, with Amy Ryan and Richard Armitage as the boomer couple, the headline of The Huffington Post review read, “A Fine Play About Some Very Unlikable People.”

Unlikable they may be, but audiences enjoy spending time with them — the “Seinfeld” affect at work, perhaps.

Mr. Paul found that “people get really engaged in the debate of the play.” On any given night, depending on the audience demographics, he watched as baby boomers declared support for the parents and younger audiences sided with the children.

Around the same time the Beatles were singing “All you need is love,” the term “the generation gap” was being coined — both destined to become inspirations for a play that Andrew Paul expects will strike a nerve, from Sin City to the Steel City.

“I had a strong reaction to it immediately,” he said. “Frankly, I am surprised these productions are its American regional premiere. It’s a good play with a small cast. This one should be a no-brainer.”

Sharon Eberson: seberson@post-gazette.com or 412-263-1960. Twitter: @SEberson_pg.

‘Love, Love, Love’

Where: Kinetic Theatre at Pittsburgh Playwrights Theatre, 937 Liberty Ave., 3rd floor, Downtown.

When: Nov. 30-Dec. 17. 8p.m. Thursday-Saturday and 2 p.m. Sunday, plus 8 p.m. Monday, Dec. 11.

Admission: $36; kinetictheatre.org, showclix.com or 1-888-718-4253.



Danke, liebe Boardengel, für Eure privaten Schnappschüsse. :kuss:

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