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Die guten "alten" Georgette-Heyer-Hörbücher, die Richard eingelesen hat und die ursprünglich als CD's erhältlich waren, sind als Tipp "ausgegraben" worden:

Five ways to get your pop culture fix when it's too sunny for a cinema
Kylie Klein Nixon
05:00, Jan 06 2019

What is a pop culture obsessed lad or lass to do when the weather is simply too nice to spend indoors glued to your screens?

Here are five ways to get a pop culture fix when is 29 degrees and the sky is cloudless blue:

Audio books: One of my favourite things to do in the summer is take a good book for a walk. A subscription to Audible - Amazon's audio arm - is US$14.95 a month, but you can buy individual books too. Try a breezy, romantic Georgette Heyer novel read by actor Richard Armitage, or a Neil Gaiman semi non-fiction read about the Norse Gods by the author himself, then hit the trails around your town.

Podcasts, too, are a cheaper option. Two fo my favs are: You Must Remember This, a deep dive into Hollywood's secret and forgotten history, and the creepy, spine chilling world of Lore, which explores urban and ancient legends, myths and tall tales from around the world.

Actual comics and books: I know you know what they are. If you don't want to shell out for them, the public library is your friend. Is there anything quite so nice as lying at the beach, or on the river bank, or under a tree in a park reading a book? I reckon not.

Pop-culture pilgrimage: Planning a summer holiday? There are 1001 film and TV locations dotted around New Zealand. If you haven't already been yet, Hobbiton is one of the best film pilgrimages in the world. Add a trip to Weta Cave in Wellington for the ultimate film nerd treat.

Make your own movie: You have an iPhone. You've got some mates. There are how-tos all over the internet. What's stopping you?

Outdoor movies: In LA there's a film group called Cinespia that hosts outdoor movie events in unusual spots around the city, including the Holywood Forever Law Cemetery. Unfortunately we don't have anything quite that flash here, but you can usually rely on your council or other local group to host one or two outdoor movies - or even a season of them - during the summer.

In my neck of the woods there's the Wellington Free Outdoor Cinema, and a local bar that regularly shows outdoor films. I know there are one off events in the main centres and smaller spots around the country during the summer. Put feelers out and see what's coming up near you.

Got any other tips for pop-culturey things to do when the sun is out, recommendations for books, pods or outdoor movies in your area? Let us know in the comments.

Man beachte noch die Bildunterschrift:

Gravelly voiced Richard Armitage, seen here as the constantly bellowing Thorin Oakenshield in The Hobbit, is a fantastic audio book performer.



Danke, liebe Boardengel, für Eure privaten Schnappschüsse. :kuss:

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